Temples of Gwalior – A Picture Story



Gwalior is in the MP state of India. MP is Madhya Pradesh.

I went here with expectations to see something unseen and beautiful and I saw exactly that. this place is beyond Gwalior fort. From beautiful museums to the royal fort, temples, Jain idols, monuments, the history there’s so much to see and explore. We recommend this destination for famous temples of Gwalior too.

Don’t think I am a too religious person though I am a spiritual being, but lately I have developed an affinity for visiting religious destinations on all the new places I visit. And I have never regretted that decision rather have only been delighted further. As shared on my blog earlier on Importance of spirituality, these destinations give the true feel of a place’s historical past.

Three important temples one must visit while in Gwalior are.

The Gopachal Parvat or Siddhachal JainTemple Caves of Gwalior


Temples of Gwalior , Sahastra Bahu Temple, Teli Temple

This temple was a surprise for me while visiting the fort. I always wanted to visit cave temples and didn’t know I will find one of those in Gwalior too. These temples were built in the 8th century. There are many Jain temples inside Gwalior fort dedicated to the Jain religion, the “Tirthankars”. One need to hike up a small hillock to visit these temples. They are cut out on the rocks to represent intricately carved statues of the Tirthankars.  In this place, this idol is the tallest Idol of the Adinatha or Rishabhnatha the first Tirthankars.  Notice the water dripping on the face, which makes the view very powerful. This huge more than 50 feet statue amidst the mountain gives such a blessed feeling. There were much more such statues there. It was a memorable and peaceful hike.




Temples of Gwalior , Sahastra Bahu Temple, Teli Temple

Teli Temple Gwalior is an awesome offbeat destination in Gwalior. Though Gwalior is famous for its fort and many other landmarks, I loved this temple a lot. As per history, it was dated before 11th Century AD. This temple has many local legends attached to it, including the one that it was built by the oil merchants. Primarily this was a “Vishnu” Temple with extensively carved outer walls. Currently, there is no idol inside the temple but the vastness of outer architecture and beauty is worth visiting. So if you visit Gwalior you can visit this landmark which I think is underrated but totally worth it. The temple is built in “Dravid” and “Buddhist” style architecture which is primarily a South Indian Style ( though Gwalior is not in South India it’s in Central India ). This reflects, such a vast history associated with this destination and historic city in the Indian state Madhya Pradesh MP. The area was ruled by various rulers and hence there’s so much history to this place.





Temples of Gwalior , Sahastra Bahu Temple, Teli Temple

This temple is yet another portrayal of amazing architectures in ‘Madhya Pradesh’ state of India. Sahastrabahu means “One with thousand of arms”, this depicts a form of “Lord Vishnu” of Hindu religion. Though here too there’s no idol inside the temple, the beautiful architecture stands strong.

There’s also another temple near it of Lord Shiva.These temples are locally referred to as ‘Sas Bahu’ temples because the word Shastra Bahu rhymes with it.

 Since the temple is built on an elevation it can easily be reached by a small drive uphill towards the east of the main Gwalior fort.

Views from this temple to the surrounding area are astonishing. From here one can also see the fort in spectacular silhouettes. A must visit travelquartz destination if you are in Gwalior.

So next time when you plan a trip to MP add the temples of Gwalior in your list


Temples of Gwalior , Sahastra Bahu Temple, Teli Temple


43 thoughts on “Temples of Gwalior – A Picture Story

  1. Helene

    Lovely place! It has such a peaceful spiritual vibe. Loving the huge statue that looks so serene. Thanks for taking me on the journey with you:)

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Hi Helene! So glad you appreciated this journey! Yes visiting the statue was one of my favorite moment of this trip to Gwalior.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      The statues were actually serene I am glad I visited this place and shared with all got immense feedback from all about this statue 🙂 You are most welcome always hope you plan a trip to Delhi and Gwalior soon 🙂

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Glad you liked this post and added in the list, it is so near to Delhi and very much possible to visit! You will enjoy visiting this place for sure a bit off beat though 🙂

  2. Aditi

    Oh my!! The temple is so beautiful. I had no idea that it was in Gwalior. Visiting the caves should be on every MP visitor;s list. Thanks for putting it out there. Cheers!!

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Thank you for positive feedback Aditi. MP is famous for Khajuraho temples and even I didn’t know that there are these awesome temples in Gwalior too because not much is shared about them. But guess what, these are very near to the fort and are equally beautiful and serene! The caves are on the way to the fort too! All connected for a days trip!

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      To tell you frankly while I planned Gwalior trip I didn’t know about these temples too Lol, Glad I discovered them as I wanted to see the area near the fort. They are so beautiful.

  3. Jim

    Oh wow! These are by far some of the best pictures I’ve seen of this so far! We will definitely be adding this to our list of sites to see when out that way.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Thank you so much for the compliment, will surely share more on such destinations real soon! this place is near to Delhi the capital city of India and a weekend trip also will suffice, I am sure you will like this place.

  4. Emma

    It looks peaceful and green. So much different in contrast to other temples I’ve been too. I have pinned this so we can visit one day!

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      This part is built on top of a Hillock attached to the city, it was indeed peaceful and green. Glad you liked this post and plan to visit. Winter is the best time to explore this city!

  5. Yukti

    I have never been to Gwalior and was not knowing that it has so many things to see. I will save this post for my future visit to Gwalior.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Thanks for your feedback Yukti . I also planned my visit to Gwalior recently even though it is so near to Delhi! It is known for the fort but only after going there, I discovered it has these beautiful temples as well! They reminded me of my visit to Khajuraho too !Glad you are planning a visit here too!

  6. Taryn

    Wow! I love the temples of India, and had never heard of this particular place. The architecture is amazing, and I love the videos.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Thank you, Taryn, for appreciating the videos! This is a bit offbeat destination. When I planned myself I didn’t know much about the temples there but only about the fort. I am glad I am sharing here about this much deserving destination.Though the temples of Khajuraho are world famous which are also in the same state these temples were no less either!

  7. Medha

    It’s a beautiful temple ! I can totally relate to you when you say that you’re not a religious person but you’ve lately started to like visiting temples. It’s the exact same with me, I’m not a religious person myself but I also visit a lot of religious places such as temples, mosques and cathedrals mostly because they’re so beaotfullt built! I love the architecture of most of these places. Even this one here, so lovely !

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Glad to know that you also like to visit such places! The architecture is unique and so much meaningful. This place was magical for sure 🙂

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Thankyou for appreciation 🙂 Glad you plan to visit Gwalior soon, it will be an awesome trip, do share about your experience!

  8. Monica

    wow, what an amazing place. Gopachal and Teli Temple look sensational. Seeing these places as an European I find them out of this world. We kind of lost this spiritual type of architecture over here.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      You have shared an important point which I thought about too, that is about losing the spiritual type of architecture!! I agree I miss such places when I travel abroad. I could found a bit I guess in Italy but I love visiting such places. India has so many such options and I wish to explore more!

  9. Bernadette Jackson

    I understand what you mean about visiting religious sites. It’s not so much about whether any of us personally share those beliefs. But for me, it’s that people had a greater love, and out of that love was created and powerful space in which to endeavour to do better things with their lives. That’s what makes a place of worship and belief so special to me. And I love what you said about the water on the face too; that’s very moving.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      So glad you could understand what I meant. I too respect such places not only for the religion but also for the greater love moving towards the betterment of everything. This is the reason I can relate to worshipping places around the world instantly. Thankyou so much for kind words!

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      It’s a beautiful place and near to Delhi, so if you plan Pune you can take a flight near to this place in just a few hours! A weekend trip to this place will do justice.

  10. Dan

    Love the video! I’ve never been to India but added some places to my map to go when I get back from South America! Thanks for the insights.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Glad you liked the video, hope you can subscribe too! I plan to visit more of such places in near future. But lemme tell you South Ameria is on my list and I am eager to read your posts from there. I bet it will be an awesome trip there. Glad you have noted Gwalior as well!

  11. Ali Dunnell

    Thank you for drawing my attention to a lesser known tourist site in India, I have not heard of Gwalior, but will now add it to places to visit in a country I love to travel around.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Glad that a traveler like you appreciated my post and added this much deserving destination to the list, plan your trip in the winter season to experience the best of this heritage city!

  12. Saumyata

    Great post. Gwalior is lesser heard destination in India as far as tourism 8s concerned. Though much deserved. Visited it once but missed on to see this temple👍

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      I think so too Saumyata that why Gwalior is not as much promoted as it deserves so much more! It was so beautiful, glad I planned a visit here. We have so much to see in India actually.Temples were so near to the fort !

  13. mapcameratravel1

    Whoa !! These pics look amazing and never thought Gwalior has these beautiful jain temples. I am jain and would definately plan to visit these temples. thanks for sharing.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      So glad you liked this post! I didn’t know about he Gopachal Jain caves either, not much is written on them. I was so glad I discovered them. One of the places I can not forget. Glad you will visit here soon. Do let me know the experience!

  14. Heraa

    I love visiting historical and spirtiual places tells so much about history and culture about a country. Gwalior looks like a very peaceful place.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Hi Heraa , we share interest when you say that you love historical and spiritual travel too, this place was peaceful indeed! A bit offbeat because of not much tourist plan Gwalior in the first visit. It’s very near to Delhi.

  15. The Wildest Tales

    That reminds me of my recent trip to Bagan! I love temples in all shape and sizes – especially those in Asia. I have never been to India but I want to go so badly! Hopefully next year. I will keep in my mind to visit Gwalior (the carved statues look ace!). Thanks for sharing!

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      I agree the carved statue was such an awesome site and before going I did not even know it existed there, not much is written about it, glad I could share it with fellow travelers. Glad next year you plan to visit India. Check out my other posts on India destinations when you finalize the plan 🙂

  16. Gabby

    wow these buildings look so intricately built, it seems like a beautiful place to visit. I’m always astounded by the architecture in photos of India!

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Those were my thoughts exactly when I first saw them 🙂 Incredible India Indeed, glad you liked the pictures.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Gwalior was also not on my list until now but after visiting I highly recommend this place to all, its awesome destination!Glad you liked the post 🙂

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