Continent – Africa!

Africa is a popular tourist’s bucket-list destination surrounded by water from all around. It is the hottest continent with a home to the largest Sahara desert that occupies 25% of the total land area. In the north, it is separated from Europe by the Mediterranean Sea and is separated from Asia by the Suez Canal in the northeast and further by the Red Sea. On its east and southeast are the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean in the west.

The biggest country is Algeria and the smallest is Seychelles famous for its luxury beaches and a perfect holiday destination worldwide due to the 115 islands dotted along the mainland’s coast on the east. The vibrant Morocco is one of the top destinations for holiday by travelers followed by South Africa, Egypt, and Tunisia. Every country has its own unique culture waiting to be explored.

Africa has the world’s longest river 6,650 km long called the Nile River and deepest (750 ft) in some spots. Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is the world’s tallest free-standing tall in its magnificent glory. The second lowest point on the earth is Lake Assal at Djibouti the saltiest lake out of Antarctica.

I feel lucky to have visited Cape Town a few years back and witnessed the beauty of this continent. I want to visit again and explore more and more of this destination.

There are both fun and adventure activities tourists can indulge in Africa such as – the famous African safaris, purchasing crafts from markets, visit pygmy villages, hike through jungles watching gorillas, chill on tropical islands in the Indian Ocean, travel across savanna on a colonial era-railway, to snacking on exotic treats and travel down the river in a dugout “pirogue” and much more.

Contrary to the myth surrounding Africa it is a land of friendly people with breathtakingly amazing landscape diverse and beautiful to the traveler.

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