Hunder Sand Dunes , Nubra Valley , Ladakh

Hunder Sand Dunes Nubra Valley Ladakh India

Hunder Sand Dunes, Nubra Valley, Ladakh

Hunder Dunes are often referred to as fairytale dunes. Because these are desert landscape with a difference. They are surrounded by beautiful snowcapped Himalayan mountains.

How I Reached

I reached Nubra from Leh in about eight hours of road trip. Nubra is a valley at a lower altitude and is surrounded by these Hunder Sand Dunes. One can reach Hunder from Nubra valley in around two hours.

Map Details

What I went for

The scenic landscape of Ladakh was always in my bucket list. I visited here to see the uncharted landscapes and beautiful mountains. I have heard before that one can see a thousand shades of Brown while doing a road trip from one point to another in this destination. I went there to see those shades of brown and natural beauty seen never before.

Shades of Brown

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What I discovered

The place is more dramatic, beautiful and exotic than one can imagine. The experience of Ladakh is different for different people . the climate changes every day and so does the landscape. So, you can imagine that if you are visiting in a certain month the outcome of a trip is going to be different each time. The natural surroundings demand a high level of fitness. I found the colors of nature here but I also found much more.

Unique offerings The Hunder Dunes

As shared in my previous blogs, Rajasthan is one of my favorite destinations. Visiting the hot Thar desert was always my preferred choice. Desert always reminded of hot sand and high temperature. But near Nubra, we discovered Hunder Sand Dunes of the Himalayas. This place changed the definition of desert forever. There was a snow-capped mountain backdrop, Freezing cold sub-zero temperature, Water canals and green patches, Snow on the sand and so much more.

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Yes, there was one similarity! We found camels here, the double-humped Bactrian camels.

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Since I do not support animal tourism I did not go for a safari here but these camels reminded me of the hot Thar desert of Rajasthan. But here I was in an opposite climatic condition only to be filled with gratitude for mother nature and God for giving us such a beautiful planet.

Gratitude towards my country India which truly is incredible.

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I hope this Himalayan landscape remains as serene as ever and the responsibility of the same lies on us. Save our planet it is the biggest gift we have!

More on Ladakh from my diaries soon ! Till then enjoy the vlogs from the Hunder Dunes of Ladakh!

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Hunder Sand Dunes Ladakh India

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