Continent – Europe !


One of the most important continent for travelers to explore is Europe.

Europe is the top travel destination also the most economically developed continent with the European Union and the biggest political and economic union worldwide. It is partially surrounded by water and land. It comprises of the northwestern part of the landmass called Eurasia surrounded by the Arctic Ocean from the north, Atlantic Ocean from the west, Mediterranean Sea from the South and Black Sea from the southeast.

Armenia and Cyprus are politically European countries however geographically they are located in the Western Asian region. Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan are transcontinental countries as they are located in both Asia and Europe.

The border of the continent is defined by the Caspian Sea, Caucasus Mountains and the Ural Mountains. Europe’s biggest country is Russia comprising of 37% of the total continent’s area. It is the largest country in the world with borders in Asian and European countries and the Arctic and Pacific Oceans with it’s stunningly diverse landscape ranging from subtropical beaches to forests to the dominating Tundra.

The smallest European country being the historical Vatican City occupying just a small area in central Rome, headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, home to the Pope and a trove of iconic architecture and art.

Europe’s most popular holiday destination is France with its capital ‘Paris’ is the main attraction, followed by United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and Germany.

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