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Scenic trains in Switzerland an unforgettable experience

Scenic trains in Switzerland an unforgettable experience

Scenic trains in Switzerland an unforgettable experience

Who doesn’t want to visit Switzerland, a beautiful mountain destination in the Central Europe? Recently I visited the scenic trains in Switzerland and it was an unforgettable experience.

It’s a country surrounded by the snow-capped Alps. It is also home to beautiful flora fauna, lakes, villages and green meadows. Switzerland is a very famous tourist destination and one always dream of Switzerland travel and vacation.  Switzerland tourism is famous for its various attractions, mountain peaks, astonishing views and of course the scenic trains.

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This place is the synonym to heaven on earth and I agree. I saw views from this train which were breathtakingly beautiful and I am trying to share here as much I can.

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Switzerland has always been my preferred option to travel not only because of the Bollywood movies (Indian Movies like DDLJ we grew up watching those). After visiting Switzerland I totally understand why it is compared to Heaven because it totally lives up to Expectations.  Switzerland only gets better and better as you explore it if you want to know more then Read my post: My visit to Zurich!

The best mode for Switzerland is through train travel.


Switzerland train pass gave us an awesome opportunity to enjoy various train rides.

Depending on the destination you wish to cover, they can vary from few to a couple of hours.  I have not done a long journey at one stretch because every destination is unique in its own way and I wanted to explore it one by one.  In between various stations are some beautiful restaurants that one comes across and its flexible to get out from one train and get back in another if it is covered in the same pass.  Due to this flexibility travelers prefer stepping down from one train to enjoy scenic lunch with the views of Alps and then getting into another train. It is possible because of the “Swiss pass” which is valid for all modes of transportation and it gives you the flexibility to plan your rides.


As you can see in the video shared above that the green heaven is right in front of your eyes. The green meadows do not mean that you are passing through the wilderness as Switzerland is among of one of the most developed countries in the world and all the amenities are available here.You can see there are beautiful houses with all the luxurious facilities provided to them. You can see there are amazingly built roads and one of the high-end cars being driven on and off in front of your eyes. By sitting on the train and looking at the city surrounded by Green Meadows with the backdrop of beautiful snow mountains is nothing less than living the dream right in front of you.

That’s how Switzerland spoils you because it is one of the most developed and luxurious countries amidst nature.It is truly best of both the world.

Check out this picture where while sitting on the train I am wondering my option to go for a drive in a car or maybe take a bike and explore further!

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I always thought till now that to see the mountain beauty one need to hike up on the top of the Mountain. In Switzerland, I realized that you can reach on mountaintop including the top of Europe Jungfraujoch at your own comfort through these train rides.

All you need to do is to sit in a panoramic train and in few minutes you will reach one destination to another. You can witness beautiful waterfalls and green meadows, cows grazing grasses while crossing various villages and not to forget the snow peaks of the Swiss Alps, what else do you need in Life?

To make it even better when it comes to the comfort they offer number one comfort facilities with amazing sites. The windows are immensely large so that maximum beauty can be seen and they also offer best-in-class, meals with various food and wine to enjoy while you observe the views.


Since beginning train travel is one of my preferred options while traveling. I’ve never seen more beautiful train journey in my life as well as I have seen while visiting Switzerland. I’m eager to share my experience with all because this place is definitely a must visit for any traveler. The landscapes are amazing and also great for any photographer.

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There are various beautiful areas one can explore and I did the same however one of the most scenic drives was when I was returning from Interlaken to Lucerne. The Glacier Express is the preferred panoramic train but I bet all of the trains offers views as spectacular as one can imagine in their dreams. I enjoyed all the train journey I took hopping from one destination to another. Scenic train journey helped me reach from one of the Switzerland points of interest to another.

My favorite route was Interlaken to Lucerne, Map as below


The recommended options are the Glacier Express or take a train from Interlaken to Jungfraujoch or the Wilhelm Tell Express and Bernina Express. Further, there are various the panoramic train Journeys from Interlaken to Lucerne and from Mount Rigi to Lucerne, the list is endless. All you need is a Swiss Pass or booking in advance. Plan most of your travel from one point to other using the scenic trains.

Sometimes I really feel gratitude for people who worked hard to get these trains for taking us to various parts of the beautiful hilly place like Switzerland.

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Scenic trains in Switzerland an unforgettable experience



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