Continent - Australia

Continent – Australia

Australia also called Oceania, is a delight for travelers across from the world. Since it is connected geologically with New Zealand, the whole of New Guinea, Australia it is historically called Australasia based on geology, living things and geography. It has the least (0.3%) of the total Earth’s population after Antarctica.

Australia and Oceania are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean in the South and East and the Indian Ocean in the North. It comprises of the magnificent Australian mainland, thousands of tropical islands of the Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia regions that are dotted across the South Pacific Ocean along with bigger islands like the New Guinea, Tasmania and New Zealand.

The largest state Australia occupies 86% of the total area and the smallest independent country is Nauru so small that one can drive around it in less than 60 minutes.

Australia’s most visited cities are Sidney and Melbourne. Sidney is one of largest cities and is a huge tourist attraction for its harbor-front Sydney Opera House that stands out for its sail-like design. Sydney Tower’s outdoor platform called the Skywalk has a breathtaking 360-degree view of the city and its suburbs. Melbourne is on the southeastern side buzzing with bars, restaurants, plazas by the sides of Yarra River also a center for art and culture. Not to miss the palm-lined beaches, coral reefs, clear blue lagoons and rugged landscape of Fiji and the popular scuba diving site and luxury resort destination Bora Bora.

Australia’s natural wonder The Great Barrier Reef is visible even from outer space situated in the north eastern region off the Queensland Coast, is the top holiday destination in Australia. It is known worldwide for over 600 types of coral both soft and hard and home to colorful fishes, mollusks, starfishes, turtles, dolphins, and sharks in innumerable numbers stretching for 2,300 km.

The Australian Outback is for the adventure spirited traveler who is ready to venture into the remote interiors ingrained with Australian heritage, history, and folklore.

I visited New Zealand a few years back. This was one of the most beautiful destinations I have visited.

Have you visited the continent of Australia as well? how was your experience, share in the comments section below.