South America

Continent - South America

Continent – South America

South America is truly nature’s paradise for travel enthusiasts worldwide. It is nestled between the Pacific Ocean from the west, the Caribbean Sea from the northwest, the Atlantic Ocean from the east and north and connected with North America at its northeast tip occupying the entire southern area of the supercontinent of the Americas – therefore the name South America. Its overland border runs along the Panama-Colombian state boundary line.

The largest and most populated city in Brazil that comprises of 50% of the mainland and 52% of the South American population lives here making it the top most visited location in South America followed by Argentina and Peru. The smallest state is called Suriname also happens to be the only region to speak Dutch as the official language. Spanish and Portuguese being the most spoken language in the continent.

Nature’s abundance is evident by South America with the world’s largest river Amazon, highest mountain range (other than Asia) called the Andes, world’s tallest waterfall the 979m Angel Fallsin Venezuela and World’s biggest rainforest found here. The tourists are enchanted by icy landscapes of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, the pristine beaches of Brazil’s Northeastern region and remote islands like Easter IslandGalapagos and Fernando de Noronha to name a few.

Apart from nature – man has also left his mark by creating gems like the world famous Ruins of Ancient Civilizations at Machu Picchu and world-class metropolises at Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Caracas, Santiago, Lima and Rio de Janeiro. Travelers are mesmerized by the outstanding modern architecture at Brasilia, European architecture of Buenos Aires, oldest rock paintings at Serra da Capivara, charming cities of the Andes. Holiday goers who want to indulge in some fun should look out for the various festivals that are a part of this attractive and incredibly diverse land.

South America is a top tourist destination due to it being tremendously hospitable and magnificently diverse landscape and culture.

Though I am yet to visit this beautiful destination I am eager to hear from you if you have visited. Share your experience in the comments section below.