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Welcome to Zurich City ! The Twin Towers Grossmunster, it is on the riverside and one of the perfect places to get your photograph clicked.


Zurich is known for its beauty!


Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland.

It is a busy place as it is also one of the major financial hub. Many corporates are having their headquarters situated in the city. It has beautiful surrounding of water bodies, natural landscapes with snow-capped mountains and has a lot for any traveler to explore.

There are also various forest areas in the city which are termed as the ‘green lungs’.There are many parks in the city, many museums for visitors to explore over a couple of days.

To start exploring the city, one must plan to visit are the two famous churches called as the Grossmunster – Great Minister Church and Fraumunster – Women’s Minister Church

There are many museums to visit too. Some of them are The Museum of Art, Museum of Design, No-show Museum, North American Museum, Swiss National Museum, Center Le Corbusier Museum and much more.

There are various Parks and Zoological Gardens to visit too as, The Botanical Park, The Chinese Garden, The Zoological garden or Uetliberg with the Hill View of the city.

The official language used in the city is Swiss German.

Zurich is one of the leading Global City and biggest financial hub. It has the headquarters of many multinational companies too. It is a home to FIFA headquarters and various banks. Zurich is known for having one of the highest quality of life and living standard in the world and I totally agree with it. It is one of the best places to live but before moving one should know, it is one of the most expensive places too!


Recently in summer, we planned a trip to Switzerland. We were advised to straight away go to places like ‘Interlaken’ because that is where the real Switzerland can be felt.

We were categorically told that Zurich will be a bit commercialized and should be visited only for a day.

When I visited Zurich I was not having much of expectations, except for it being a commercial destination. But, to my pleasant surprise, I was wrong, there was so much to be seen and explore in Zurich, so much so that it became one of my favorite cities to visit in the world.

This beautiful destination is most definitely one of the best places to live because nature and busy lifestyles go hand in hand. This perfect balance is rarely to be seen, especially if you are coming from a city like Delhi. This place is nothing but HEAVEN.


I reached here through the train. The train station was very well maintained. It leads to busy lanes of Trams, one of the best means to commute in this city.

The transportation in Zurich can spoil you forever. It is perfect, on time, clean and efficient. Further, people are very polite courteous and welcoming, they wish you mostly in the Swiss language or German. Guten Morgen (translation of Good Morning) and few more words one should learn before going.

Participate in the river swimming festival!


As soon I reached my hotel via comfortable tram and relaxed, I realized that there are so many places in Zurich that I should not miss. In no time I was walking towards the cruise.

The cruise at the river Limmat facing the beautiful   City and Snow-capped Swiss Alps was just amazing. One must notice various fountains of water in between the river, the blue color of the water, small and big boats while on the cruise. One can see people of all age group enjoying and sharing happiness with everyone.

My next agenda was to walk around the city center. Zurich is also famous for street shopping and street food. It has one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world called as the Bahnhofstrasse Street. All this makes Zurich nothing less than a Global City.

There are so many other options to explore the city. One of it is to visit the church but if you don’t want to go to the church you have Museum, or shopping or you can just chill next to any of the Riverside or the Lakeside bank or take a walk on the bridge.

One of the most recognized Landmarks of Zurich are the Twin Towers Grossmunster, it is on the riverside and one of the perfect places to get your photograph clicked.

There is also a town square called as Bellevueplatz or the Bellevue Square, Bellevue means ‘beautiful site’ and so it was!

If you miss Amsterdam, there are also Canal Cruises. Further, you can just walk and see the sunset, enjoy the beautiful houses, architecture, fountains flowers, statues and some more views of the banks of various water bodies.

Banks reminds me of Swiss Bank because it is also one of the biggest financial hubs in the world. I really liked the cool offices and the way people are working there I am sure it is a great place to work.

As I mentioned before, the transportation here will spoil you. The tram goes directly to the city center in every 5 to 7 minutes, there are day tickets available, and tickets can be purchased at the machine at the tram stops.

Don’t miss to buy the yummy chocolates there and cowbells. Enjoy the Global feel the mix of modern world and nature.


One of the best things I notice in Zurich and I highly recommend is visiting it during the urban river swimming festival. There are many swimming areas created along the various water bodies. People of all age groups can jump into the water with so much is a happiness.

Check out various fountains while on a Cruise!



I was lucky to be part of the summer river festival, where everybody was just jumping into the water, swimming, enjoying, celebrating and sharing more and more happiness. I was so glad that I visited ZURICH.

Not to miss the events

Sechselauten Festival -Mid April

Street Parade Swiss National day – 1st August

Zuri festival – Every three years

Take a walk on the bridge !


Summing up the recommended destination is as below

Grossmunster Church – It’s an old church overlooking the city and canals. The most iconic building and definitely the first place you can visit. You can consider going up the tower for amazing city views. Also, don’t forget to pick up souvenirs from here.

Schanzengraben Canal -It’s a small canal, a nice place to visit.

Old Town Niederdorf – The old city charm is unparalleled here. One can enjoy at the bar or take a walk at the chill out atmosphere in the evening.

Bahnhofstrasse Shopping – A must-visit shopping street. It is one of the luxurious and finest streets to take a walk and shop.


I am sure I have still not seen it all in this beautiful city. I have read that Christmas is very special in Zurich and the light has a name ‘Lucy” . I am sure to visit here soon and explore more on the nature parks, nightlife, and the river swimming and meet Lucy !!

Thank you for reading about my journey to Zurich, if you have been to this city do leave your experience in the comments section below.

Good Bye Zurich , until we meet again, Just chill with your travel partner and observe the beauty.




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