Awesome Assam – Incredible India State 

Awesome Assam – Incredible India State 

India is vast and can be explored only with multiple visits as it has many states and union territories.

Living in India, I have still not visited all the States. I try to cover each year as much as possible. In this series, I will be sharing the details of the states I have visited with recommendations.


Recently I decided to visit one of the most awesome state, “Assam”.

Assam lies in the northeastern part of India, a famous tourist destination known for its wildlife, tea plantations, and archeological sites.

In the West is situated Guwahati – Assam’s biggest city adorned by the famous ‘Kamakhya’ Temple on a hilltop dotted with silk bazaars. It is located south of the eastern Himalayas and its land stretches along the magnificently beautiful valley of Brahmaputra and Barak Rivers.

The capital of the state is Dispur and not Guhawati as per normal belief. Assamese and Bodo are the main languages spoken in Assam however Bengali is the second largest language spoken in the state.

Assam Tea and Assam Silk is famous world over and attracts nature lovers worldwide.

Not to miss are the scenic UNESCO World heritage sites like Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park that boast of rare animals and birds like the pygmy hog, water buffalo, tiger, various species of Asiatic birds and home to the last wild habitats for the Asian elephant. Rare wildlife like the one-horned Indian rhinoceros is conserved here. I have been lucky to have visited Manas National Park, Guwahati, Kamakhya Temple and Pobitora. Pobitora is rhinoceros sanctuary which is an endangered species conserved in this place. It was a visit I can never forget. More on this in my next blog.

Dibrugarh located at the edge of the Brahmaputra river is the ‘tea capital of the world’, seat to fast-growing tea tourism in the state set amidst green spaces of tea estates for tea tours. Tipam being the famous tea tourist spot in Dibrugarh. Many a tea lovers and tourists flock here to see where their tea is grown. Look out for the Tea festival in the month of November in Jorhat.

The flora and fauna of Assam consist of an unspoiled natural beauty where Sal trees are found in the deciduous forests as well as bamboo orchards, grasslands and a plethora of wetland in plenty due to the state receiving one of the highest percentages of rainfall in the country. The abundant rainwater and innumerable tributaries fill the Brahmaputra River creating a significant hydro-geomorphic environment.

Assam’s natural wonders, tea plantations, biodiversity and friendly people make it a perfect traveler’s paradise.

The state is well connected by all there modes of travel – Air, Rail, and Road with a constant stream of tourists who visit during the enjoyable time of March or November.

If you happen to be in Assam around April do make sure to indulge in the famous Bihu Festival that lasts for an entire month.

Assam is beautiful in a different way. it usually has the unexplored unseen part of India. Here’s an offbeat spot to see the sunset on a hilltop overlooking Brahmaputra river and fisherman fishing.

Watching sunset on a hill top overlooking the Brahmaputra river


Awesome experience of witnessing the wildlife in the forests and wildlife sanctuaries, yes Assam is famous for elephants which are found in highest number in this state and in the wild forest areas. So much so that there are many elephant corridors which one come across while visiting different cities.

Our most memorable moment was to see the rhino and we were lucky to see them closely in golden sunlight.

Pobitora is rhinoceros sanctuary, I saw them for the first time here.


Right from a fairy tale there are various small villages in Assam

There are various fairytale villages in Assam.

One can witness in remote villages amazing hard work by village people on fishing with a special basket.

Brahmaputra valley has a lot to explore and even many Indian travelers have not seen the best this state has to offer. So next time if you plan to see the nature’s best plan a trip to Awesome Assam.

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