Dont miss the Diwali Lighting In Jaipur the Pink City


Dont miss the Diwali Lighting In Jaipur the Pink City


Diwali is the light festival and I visited the Pink City Jaipur to witness the celebration. Jaipur is the capital city of the colorful state of Rajasthan, India.

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One can reach Jaipur easily via train car or by air in few hours, map as below


It is always a good idea to visit India during the festival time. One of the most famous festivals being Diwali and its a bonus to see Diwali lighting in Jaipur the pink city. Here each house and office and city gets lit up in vibrant lightings.

Diwali or Deepawali signifies victory of light over dark or good over evil.

If you are planning a travel during Diwali, you must plan your destination basis where you can witness maximum lightings.

Though each city is lit up beautifully my preferred destination to see Diwali Lighting is Jaipur Pink city. Jaipur is the capital city of the state of Rajasthan. I just visited this city to celebrate the festival of light Diwali and now I know why it is called so!

Enjoy this exclusive video from our Youtube Channel on Diwali at Jaipur



Interestingly Diwali is the Amavasya or no moon night. Hence, the lights on this festival take away all the darkness around making it the festival of light. It is celebrated in the Kartika month of the Hindu Lunisolar month in old Bikram Sambat calendar. This festival falls between Mid-Octobers to Mid-November.

Dont miss the Diwali Lighting In Jaipur the Pink City

This is a five-day festival celebration and is as grand as Navaratri Nine Nights Festival. The five festivals are named as below –






One need to shop in advance to prepare for this festival. Candles new dresses new utensils are a must to purchase. Since it embarks welcoming of Goddess Laxmi the Goddess of wealth one need to get their houses cleaned as well. People usually paint their house again. Buying new jewelry is preferred since this is the festival of wealth. Rangoli designs are made in the houses. Once this is done then sweet shopping is next step.

The puja (prayer) is done by placing the diyas (lamps) in the circular plate, offering various sweets to the goddess and praying for her blessing. The ritual is intense and rule-bound. One must attend this ritual if possible. In the end, all ask the blessing of the wealth goddess and ask for more wealth paying gratitude for the blessings shared so far.


Dont miss the Diwali Lighting In Jaipur the Pink City

Jaipur is famous for its Diwali Lighting. One needs to visit the old Jaipur to see how beautifully the shops are lit up

This Diwali I walked through the bazaars of Jaipur to capture the glimpses of Diwali

I have never seen any market lit up so beautifully as in this pink city

Best way to explore the lighting in the city is by visiting various parts of the city. Places to see the lighting are shared below in the form of pictures.

Here are pictures describing the Diwali Walk


BAZAARS (Markets)

Chaura raasta, Hawa Mahal, Bapu Bazar, Nehru Bazar, Indra Bazar, Badi Chopar, Tripolia, Johri Bazar are a famous bazaar of the old part of the city. The lighting there needs to be seen for sure.

Diwali festival at Pink City Jaipur

Diwali festival at Pink City Jaipur Diwali festival at Pink City Jaipur


Visit the forts on Diwali night to see extraordinary lightings. Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Amer Fort can be visited as well


MI Road is the main road in Jaipur with various shopping complexes and restaurants. One can see all the shopping malls and famous stores lit up beautifully for Diwali. My favorite being Ganapati Plaza.

Diwali festival at Pink City Jaipur

Diwali festival at Pink City Jaipur

Diwali festival at Pink City Jaipur


Visit new buildings like World trade Park to see lighting with a difference.



Since Jaipur is famous for Jewels as well and has many famous jewelry shops. These jewelry shops are lit up beautifully. One cannot miss Motisons Jewelers building which is though daily lit up so well but Diwali lighting has an added zing to it!

Diwali festival at Pink City Jaipur


Must visit the gardens like Ram Nivas Bagh lit up in a beauty, one of the best

Diwali festival at Pink City Jaipur


Check out other monuments like this Tricolor light in saffron white and green signifying the colors of Indian Flag.

Diwali festival at Pink City Jaipur

Visit the haveli and offices like Kesargarh and other offices to see the beauty, yes even the offices are lit up!

Diwali festival Pink City Jaipur

Preferred time of walk – Lighting starts a few days in advance, to avoid crowd one can visit it before the main Diwali day. Also, go late night as the area gets crowded at the peak time.

So add this destination to your bucket list and that too during the Diwali to see one of the most spectacular lightings ever. HAPPY DIWALI!!



Diwali festival at Pink City Jaipur

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  1. Anisa

    Wow! Those are some impressive lights. I think my favorite is Ganapati Plaza too. I would love to visit India during Diwali and see it for myself.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Yay more votes for Ganapati Plaza , they will be happy to see this post if they do lol but it was really impressive decoration, glad I could share it with all , hope you plan a trip soon 🙂

  2. Helene

    The lights are so pretty!! I’ve been to some light festivals before (not Diwali) but I’ve never seen such impressive installations:) It must’ve been magical:) Thanks for letting me know where I need to be for Diwali someday:D

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      It was so magical Helene the entire city lit up in colorful light gave a new character to each destination , glad you liked this recommendation 🙂

  3. Weekend Haven

    It looks so festive everywhere. This is something I want to see with my own eyes, the place looks magical with all the lights.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      I agree this place was indeed so magical, where every house and shop was lit up in the colorful lights , a site worth seeing in person , hope you plan a trip to Jaipur during Diwali 🙂

  4. Aditi

    First off, Jaipur is so beautiful. Second, Diwali is one of the best festivals ever. Combining the 2 is a deadly one. Every picture screams the spirit of Diwali loud and clear. Cheers!!

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Thank you for joining me in this Diwali festivity and appreciating this post, glad you liked this 🙂

  5. lexieanimetravel

    OMG this looks like christmas feast in Philippines, India has its unique way of celebrating festivals, those lights are like christmas lights spectacle that I can always see in my homeland. I would love to experience and witness Diwali. Happy Diwali again to you and your family.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Yes a different kind of Christmas kind of lighting here, very interesting festival of light indeed. Thank you for wished and best wishes to you and your family again. Glad you joined us through this post and enjoyed the festival of Diwali 🙂

  6. Tyra

    I can see why Jaipur is called punk city! So much pink lights! I would have so much fun during Diwali, it’s defintely a sight to see. Does the lights stay on the whole night?

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Hi Tyra , it is such fun when the entire city is embraced into festive lights. We keep driving from one point to another to see the lighting and yes the lights are us all night on the main festival days . that is why going midnight is preferred when the crowd reduces. 🙂

  7. Steph

    First of all, your photos are just beautiful, particularly the ones of of Ganapati Plaza! You have really captured the essence of Diwali and explained it well to someone unfamiliar, it makes me wish I was in India during this time to experience it for myself.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Thank you so much for positive feedback and encouragement. ganapati Plaza is stunning in all the Diwali, glad I could share it with all. I hope many people visit this city and enjoy this beautiful festival of lights.

  8. Andrea

    This is beautiful to see a city full of lights like this! Looks like. Blast! Adding to my list

  9. Karolina

    I was in JAPIUR durign Divali a couple of years ago! You showed it so nicely! It really is an amainzg time in India.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Wow Karolina, so glad you have attended Diwali at Jaipur, happy to know I could do justice to the city through this post 🙂 More soon!

  10. ispyprettyplaces

    Beautiful lights! What a great city to celebrate Diwali! Good to know people can enjoy the lights before the actual day of the festival.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Diwali is the festival of light and preparation starts a week before, so the real hack is to avoid crowd one can explore it before the main day! Happy to know that you liked this post 🙂

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  12. Nina

    The lights in Diwali are so beautiful.😃 It makes me happy to see colorful lights. I love how informative you wrote about this event.

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  15. Sage

    I’m such a fan of holiday lights that Diwali would absolutely be my preferred time to visit India. Thanks for all the great photos and information!

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Thankyou for the positive feedback on this post glad you liked it and I can inspire you to revisit India sooner 🙂 and this time I hope you catch most of the festivals and see an awesome side of this incredible country!

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