Navratri – Nine Nights – Festival of India!

Navratri Celebration starts and various temples of Goddess Durga are decorated.

Navratri – Nine Nights – Festival of India!

There’s so much beyond Holi and Diwali festivals in India. Have you visited India during the nine-day-long festival called ‘Navratri’?

Navratri is a Hindu festival which is celebrated in various parts of the Indian subcontinent where goddess Durga is worshipped in its nine different forms. This festival occurs four different times in a year in India.

Though there are four different kinds of Navratris witnessed during the year, the one which is most celebrated is the ‘Sharad Navratri’, which comes in the post-monsoon season in September or October. The celebration is done over a period of 9 days.

Navratri in the North and Northeast India is also called as the Durga Puja. Durga Puja is a synonym for the victory of good over evil, as this is the celebration of the victory of Goddess Durga post her killing the demon ‘Mahishasura‘. This victory is recited during the nine days. One can hear it in the chanting of ancient scriptures during the festival and also in the form of drama, dance, theatre, and music.  Families visit together to celebrate this festival.

If one plan to travel India during the Navratri time, one can attend various cultural events and festivities. I prefer attending it from day one to day nine. You can read more in my Blog on how from day one the festivities begin as Idol are made and placed in the Pandals.

Blog Link – Ten Pictures of Idol making in Durga Puja 

Navratri Celebration where all gather together to celebrate



The Celebration with dances

There is a special form of dance called as ‘Dandiya’ Dance or stick dance organized at various places during this festival. One can buy the sticks and traditional dresses easily online as well as available on the local markets.

Other dance forms are ‘Garba’ and in North Eastern State or West Bengal is yet another form of ‘Dhanuchi’ dance.


The Vijaya Dashami is the 10th day of Durga Puja. This is the day when the idol is submerged in the water. So all the ten days one can witness amazing different celebrations.


There are four kinds of Navratri celebrated in India.

Sharad Navratri

This Navratri falls in September to October post-monsoon season, ending with Dussehra or the tenth day called as ‘Bijoya Dashami’.

Chaitra / Vasanta Navaratri

This is the second most celebrated Navratri. This comes after the winter season, in the month of March or April and ends with the ‘Ram Navami’ or the worshipping of God ‘Rama’

Magha Navratri

A minor forms of Navratri which are observed by a few categories of the Indian subcontinent. This is celebrated in the month of January or winter season.

Ashadha Navratri

Celebrated from June to July month during the monsoon season.

The Hindu calendar determines the exact date of the Navratri but month mostly remains the same.

Navratri Food 

Fasting in Navratri is observed by many Indians. Fasting is about abstaining from whole wheat grains and regular meals, however, one can have tea coffee potato and special flour called as ‘Kuttu’.

Fasting comes with various rules and one need to follow proper procedure while on the fast. But, that does not mean one can not enjoy various delicacies. Here is my blog on nine different kinds of food I tried recently in Navratri. Though one can try many more.

Blog Link – Nine Street Food we tried during Navratri

Nine Days Ritual 

Devi Durga of the Goddess Durga represents the feminine energy and the divine power.

Each day of the nine days has a specified color associated with it, where different forms of Goddesses are worshipped. Each Goddess on these days is considered as a different form of Goddess Durga.

Day One (Red) – Worshipping of ‘Shailputri’

Day Two (Royal Blue) – Worshipping of ‘Brahmacharini ‘

Day Three (Yellow) – Worshipping of ‘Chandraghanta ‘

Day Four (Green) – Worshipping of ‘Kushmunda ‘

Day Five (Grey) – Worshipping of ‘Skandmata’

Day Six (Orange) – Worshipping of ‘Katyayini ‘

Day Seven (White) – Worshipping of ‘Kalratri’

Day Eight (Pink) – Worshipping of ‘Maha Gauri’

Day Nine (Skyblue) – Worshipping of ‘Siddhatri ‘

Right from trying various special fasting food called as the ‘Navratri Food’ to attending the daily functions this festival has a lot to offer.

Different forms of dances and music add to the celebration. The drummers here are called as ‘Dhakis‘.


So if you plan your travel to India during the Navratris especially during the season of the Sharad Navratri, you are up for some great celebration to attend to.

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A guide to Navratri Nine Nights Festival of India!








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    • Travel Quartz Post author

      So glad you could find answers here Heraa , I just attended this festival last weekend , more pictures coming soon in my next blog 😀

  1. Helene

    Sounds like a cool experience! I would be down for the dancing:) I would just be sad that I would have to fast, because I love food way too much for that! 😀

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Helene fasting is not mandatory at all not many do it but all eat the fasting food which is different and yummy so it’s a win-win 😀

  2. Aditi

    Navratri is a massive festival with grand celebrations indeed! Good to see the festivities in full swing.

  3. Rajendra

    Thanks for so informative and interesting blog on Navratri festival. This function I think is the only spiritual function with grand celebration for consecutively giving spiritual ecasty for nine days worshipping Maa Durga.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Rajendra Ji , Thank you for your feedback, yes it is only such a long celebrated festival even I can think of 🙂 Nine days of worshipping and celebration is really fun.

  4. Kimberly

    This was really cool to learn about ! Thank you for sharing this because I didn’t know about it

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Thanks, Kimberly, it is not much known as Diwali but it is a very interesting festival. Glad you liked this post.

  5. lexieanimetravel

    Wow looks so glamorous with all those dress and robes that people are wearing, This is what you call an “Indian Way” of dancing. I have seen so many videos though, in Bollywood films, It makes my feet envy to dance along.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Alexine, soon I will share some videos on dancing, this is the traditional form of dancing to worship the Goddess Durga and it really gets very festive and fun, the robes are Saris wrapped and usually white with red border, makes it actually glamorous 😀 thanks for the positive feedback.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Glad you liked this festival Alex, dancing has so many options in this festival, will try to share some videos on it soon. 🙂 Hope you attend it one day.

  6. Tyra

    I’ve learned so much about India these past few days! It’s been amazing to read your blog. India has so many interesting festivals. I would love the dancing, and would like to try the fasting food. I’ve fasted a few times before and we would breakfast with this Korean porridge called Chicken Jook. Best thing ever.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Wow, Korean Porridge sounds interesting, should read a blog on that some day :), glad you liked the post, dancing, and food always rules these festivals, will try to share some dancing videos soon.

  7. Noel

    Does the number nine have a general significance in Indian culture or is it only particular for this festival? I asked because thia festival involved nine nights if prayers which reminds me of the catholic “novena” which is also a prayer done in nines – nine days, nine weeks, etc.

    India is definitely ine of the Asian countries rich with interesting festivals year-round.

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Noel … that’s so interesting to know about Novena, must be some connection !! Number nine is mostly related to this festival. Though five seven nine odd numbers are considered auspicious in most of the rituals.There’s a lot to explore in India, it’s a good idea to participate in local festivals.I would like to read more about Novena now!

  8. Rahat Arora

    Jai mata Di, these 9 days of Navratras festival are so amazing, temples are decorated beautifully. Since I am in Delhi now from last year every Sunday during Navratras festival I visit Jhandewalan mandir which is over crowded in Navratras.

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