Continent – Antartica !

Antartica – On a few travelers make it to this continent! This is reference picture!


Continent -Antarctica

Antarctica is a travelers delight and the third smallest continent in the world, is also the coldest continent in the world covered with Ice. It covers the South Pole of the earth and lies in the Antarctic Circle surrounded by the Southern Ocean. Other than scientists who maintain research stations no permanent inhabitants live here.

It is known for being the windiest, driest, coldest and least populated place in the world where the water is frozen all year round also called the ‘frozen dessert’ with practically ‘no sunlight’ in winters. Tourists enjoy visiting Antarctica in summers. It has an ocean full of whales, penguins and seals, a treat for adventure and marine life lovers. The continent is bare and doesn’t have any bushes or trees with the natural vegetation being mosses and algae.

Though I have not visited Antartica yet, I have done my research on this via books and travel documentaries. The discussion is not complete unless we share about Antartica.

The most popular tourist destination is the Antarctic Peninsula Region that has the Falkland Islands and South Georgia. Some expeditions (mostly private) may take groups to sites towards the destinations like Mt. Vinson the highest mountain in Antarctica and the geographic South Pole.

As per scientists, there are remarkable similarities between Mars and Antarctica. If you are interested in meteorites Antarctica is the right place to visit.

Primary activities for a tourist include visiting the scientific stations that are operational as well as the wildlife sites and indulging in activities like camping, kayaking, scuba-diving, and mountaineering. Make sure that your excursions are done with one or group of experts to face the weather hazards.

There are no time zones in Antarctica, therefore, travellers frequently follow their original countries time zone while visiting the continent. It is an independent territory that doesn’t have any owner or government ruling the continent.

All kinds of activities, be it travel or research is managed by the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) in Antarctica.

Have you been to Antartica or like me wish to visit there someday? Share your feedback on the comments section below.

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