Durga Puja Pandal Hopping 2017


Goddess Durga represents feminine energy and strength. As a portrayal of the divine mother, she protects all against the distress. As per the legend, she killed demon Mahishasura and signifies victory of good over evil. Representing the power she has ten arms with weapon and lotus flower, she rides a lion.

The worshipping of the goddess is done in community areas called as “Pandals”. The Pandals are decorated in various innovative themes. Since there are many Pandals created for the various Pujas, visiting them one by one is also referred to as the “Pandal Hopping”!

Navratri is nine nights festival in India and celebrated across. Durga Puja is celebrated all over but it’s grandest in West Bengal State. During the Durga Puja City of Kolkata has around 1000 such Pandals created.

I have attended recently this festival in New Delhi in a place called as ‘CHITARRANJAN PARK ‘. This area has Bengali community residents and hence this place is also called as mini Bengal in Delhi.

The puja is done by senior pujaris (priests), who know the exact procedure to worship the Goddess. The rituals go with deeper logic and set religious schemes in Navratri. If one has more interest they can understand the daily meaning of various Pujas done and it is really very touching and interesting. It is also interesting to note that the puja is not confined to only one community or “Pandal” but every lane and colony have their own Pujas.

The larger ones are more famous and crowded while the smaller one gives you chance to participate in more personal level and contribute to the rituals closely.

This year in 2017, like a true traveler I have done Pandal Hopping and seen most of the major Pujas at CR Park right from the idol-making to the tenth day of Dashmi or Sindoor Khela when all these idols are immersed in water.

Below are my pictures for you from various Pandals form the year 2017 Puja Pandal Hopping –


The Kali Mandir CR Park

Kali Mandir is one of the most prominent temples in CR Park area. This is the area with old temples dedicated to Goddess Kali and behind this area is where all the idol-making takes place. Here’s the Puja this year at the Kali Mandir

The Mela Ground Puja

One of the biggest Pandals is the Mela ground also one of my favorite Puja. The way it is organized and the uniqueness of the idol each year is one of the reasons why it is really a must visit Puja Pandal. Below is the idol of Goddess here in yellow attire.


The I block and E block Puja

Another puja from the colony in the I Block few blocks away from previous one.

The D Block Puja

It is towards the interior of the D Block colony this is a more private form of Puja but one can participate in various rituals personally here.




The J Block Puja

This one again a larger scale Puja in CR Park, also has bagged many prizes in the past. Yes, the Pandals do have a competition where a winner is declared basis the most outstanding and biggest Pandal

The GK2 Puja

A relatively bigger Puja, below are the pictures.

Near to CR Park is an area called as GK2 and they have amazing Puja from the Ramakrishna Mission trust and below is the Puja.


The Maitri Mandir Puja

This Puja is organized in South Delhi Safdarjung but this is not in CR Park.

It is interesting to note here because this year the Pandals were prepared with the theme to celebrate the womanhood and hence all the famous women heroes of India in any field were highlighted here signifying the feminine power in a different way.

In the end on the tenth day of Bijoya Dashmi, the idols are immersed in water to signify bidding adieu to the Goddess as she blesses us all and goes back.


Do leave your comments below on which Pandal Puja you liked the most and did you enjoy this virtual “Pandal Hopping”.

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