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Pushkar is reached from Ajmer city in Rajasthan, India. It is a very interesting destination. It is one of the Holy cities in India. It is known for its sacred Lake called as Lake Pushkar. I have seen such amazing colors while visiting here.

One can reach this destination by crossing these beautiful Aravali hills from Ajmer City in Rajasthan, India. This place offers a true Rajasthani experience.

Pushkar means lotus flower, which is also the seat of Lord Brahma in Hindu mythology.


Pushkar boasts of various things unique to this place.

Spirituality, Colorful shopping, locations, vegetarian food and local visitors dressed in traditional attires are main factors which draw tourists here. I went to see all of these things I have been reading about for so long.



As you cross Ajmer and move towards beautiful Pushkar the drive gets very scenic.  In few minutes you cross beautiful zigzag roads towards a hilltop and as soon as you reach the hilltop on your right you will see beautiful Ana Sagar lake of Ajmer. As you can keep moving ahead amongst the hills being a part of the brown Aravali Hills, you feel as if something is drawing you towards itself and that is the charm of the city or town called as Pushkar. Aravali hill with Brown color which reminds you of the deserts of Rajasthan. The drive in itself is unique and a treat because you are driving non-stop in a different era where everything is brown in color under clear blue sky. This is the real feel of arriving at Rajasthan. This welcome feeling reminds us of a very famous song in Rajasthan called as Padharo Mhare Desh which means you are welcome to my country.




As your entry in the city where is a huge welcome gate which says you’re welcome to Pushkar Dev Ki Nagari if it means it’s the place where the Gods and Goddesses resides!

The moment you enter the city there will be many small and big temples around you which will start appearing on your left and right side.

But, one of the most important temples is the Brahma Temple. It is said that Brahma was cursed that he will not be worshipped everywhere but only in a few temples and Pushkar has one of the very few temples of God Brahma in India. Hence, it is an important pilgrim in India.


Pushkar boasts of various things unique to this place. Colourful shopping, locations and even local visitors dressed in traditional attires. Colors of Rajasthan can be felt here. I can keep going back just to meet the locals and appreciate their lifestyle. The dresses they wear are so colorful. I love Rajasthan ( See the About section to know more )



The reason why everyone visit this place is because of this holy lake called as Pushkar Lake. Though it is a small Lake but has huge respect attached to it due to religious beliefs.One must stay in a resort near to this lake. If you stay near this lake, then you can get up in the morning to be a part of the various rituals and prayers on the lake.

Pushkar Lake is where one of the flower petals of Lord Brahma’s seat fell according to the legends!! Hence, this place has one of the few Brahma Temple in India.


One must not miss on any of the below options which this place offers.

Spend time at various Ghats

Shop local fabrics

Eat Food both local and continental

Visit various temples –Rangji, Brahma, Savitri, Varaha etc.

Attend evening ceremony Arti / Puja

Attend evening prayer at Varaha Ghats

Experience Camel Safari

Connect with locals

Observe the Colorful atmosphere

Take a walk around the lake, one is not allowed to wear slippers walking here because it’s a holy place.



Explore other parts of this town. Since it is such a Colorful area, the shopping can spoil you. One can buy Rajasthani style dresses from skirts, tops, bags, and souvenirs etc. Shopping is one of the main reason why a lot of locals also visit there because the stuff is unique and beautiful and very reasonable as well and the colors which you get her or not to be found anywhere easily


After the shopping, it is a good idea to explore the food side of the city.The food is vegetarian food because of the spiritual reasons but you can get all the varieties to try and they will be one of the best street food you can ever enjoy. Don’t miss to try the Alu Puri and Malpua at most famous shops called as Sarvariya Sweet Shop.


I recommend visiting the lake and staying in a resort there


The place is nothing less than divine and the reason why many people visit here. The reason why everyone visit this place is because of this holy lake called as Pushkar Lake. One must stay in a resort near to this lake. Though it is a small Lake but has huge respect attached to it due to religious beliefs. In the evening one can see evening prayers and lamps being put in the lake. If you have a spiritual inclination this is the best place for prayers and meditation. This Hindu pilgrimage site has hundreds of temples. This lake has around fifty Ghats or stairways leading to the water.


The resorts in Pushkar are amazing. After you stay one night near the Ghats and lake you need to move into the luxurious resorts. There are many options to choose from and the hospitality is the class apart.

The Taj Hotel in Pushkar one of my favorite resort brands because Taj maintains the essence of all the destinations and provides unparalleled experiences. Relaxing after a long journey on a poolside next to Aravali Hills, life cant gets better. It’s a traveling lifestyle, live it!

A lot of foreign tourists gather there for the spiritual reasons as well as to seek peace because it’s a holy place. A lot of tourists also go there because of the Colorful atmosphere as you see the real Rajasthan there.


I always want to revisit my destinations because one cannot explore everything at once. I am definitely revisiting here in October/November when there is Camel Fair and observe all the colors this place has to offer once again.

Do you enjoy visiting such destinations too? Share about your last such destination.


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