Jaipur Literature Festival 2018, an Exciting Literary Event

Jaipur Literature Festival 2018, an Exciting Literary Event

This time again I got an opportunity to be part of the exciting literary event called as Jaipur Literature Festival. The event happens at the Pink City Jaipur which is the capital of the Colorful state of Rajasthan.

As expected, this event was no less exciting than the previous ones.

As shared in my previous blog on Top 10 reasons to attend Jaipur Literature Festival, JLF is a literature festival which attracts writers from around the world.

I planned my schedule to attend this event as I checked out the list of Authors who were visiting here from around the world. The details are available on their website. I was particularly excited about meeting Helen Fielding the writer of Bridget Jones Diary one of my favorite book. Did I meet her? Yes of course and we even interacted over exclusive delegate dinner at Amer Fort.

Read ahead to know more about this amazing literary event which has so much to offer and explore !

Colorful Interiors were unforgettable

Super excited I was on day one, as I reached to witness amazing debates after one year. I heard some great topics and discussions to ponder upon and participated in the sessions.

Check out the slideshow below from our Instagram Page.

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Also day one is full of excitement for the person who loves colors. The interiors of this event are extremely colorful. It adds on to the vibes of festivity. As expected this time the welcome area was made up of “cardboard wind chimes”, painted in different colors, depicting the “windows of Hawa Mahal”. As shared in my previous blog on JLF this area was earlier decorated with puppets and a year before by Colorful Rajasthani Umbrellas. I love the colorful interior each year. Here is the sneak preview of the decorations this JLF 2018 had to offer.

Sessions in various Gardens

Next, I reached various gardens called as Front Lawn or Mughal Garden or Baithak or Charbagh. This time too they were welcoming as ever.

Tip- It got more crowded this time than before, so I chose morning time to avoid the crowd and enjoy sessions.

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There was a room reserved for delegates to attend the sessions exclusively, and that was some relief when the crowd grew up. The sessions happen back to back and one might need a break .In case you need a time off from the session you can even enjoy shopping at the same venue.

I opted for Delegate Experience, I decided to visit this event as the delegate and it made my visit one of the best ever!!

As a delegate, you can dine out with authors and enjoy special debate discussions. One needs to book the delegate ticket online in advance and it is worth every penny.

Delegate Lunch Experience

This event was nothing less than a vacation package for me and no vacation get over without mentioning the food. As shared in my previous blog on JLF the Diggi ki Chai and the food is amazing.

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This time as a delegate I got exclusive lunch inside the Diggi Palace, with amazing live music from around different part of India. Here is a look at the lunch over live music an event I cannot forget.


Ending the day with the Musical evening at the Clarks Concert

The evening as a delegate is the one you don’t want to miss out.After a long day full of discussion and book launches the writer and delegates visit at hotel Clark Amer for the musical evening. One can go to Clarks Amer to attend various live fusion music and hear famous artists like Karsh Kale, David Gray, Kutle Khan and many more. They even had amazing Jazz and Blue session, followed by contrasting live folk music.

Tip – The evening ends with exclusive dinner at the poolside where you will bump into your favorite author which can give an opportunity to interact with them.


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Exclusive Theatre at Hawa Mahal

We all have visited Hawa Mahal at the pink city Jaipur but this time I got an exclusive offer as the delegate.

We were excited to get the opportunity to witness theatre performance called as “The Troth” inside the Hawa Mahal and in Nighttime.

Hawa Mahal of the fort of wind is so beautiful. It was amazing to get inside at night where it was lit up so beautifully that only the video below can explain it. Sitting next to writers from around the world we witnessed this amazing show in the open air under the dazzling starry sky in the heart of Jaipur city in Rajasthan.


An evening I can never forget at Amer Fort

To make the event special there was live music by Classical Musicians playing Sarangi at the Welcome gate of the Amer Fort called the Ganesh Pol. There was a tribute to Gazal Singer Jagjeet Singh singer Shekhar Ravjiani.

I reached Amer fort in the night and witnessed how beautiful it looked. Earlier I visited the fort in morning time but night charm is exclusive. Now open in the night I can never forget this experience called as night tourism by Rajasthan Tourism. The video below shares how grandly we got welcomed at this event.

As if the welcome was not enough we stepped up to realize comfortable sitting arrangement done outside the grand and royal welcome gate of Amer called the Ganesh Pol. The video below shares how grand was this musical evening at Amer Fort and Ganesh Pol.

Need I say more there was exclusive dinner event at the not so common area of Amer Fort and the master drummer of Rajasthan Natthu Lal Solanki performed live here!!

I met all my favorite authors here over dinner and discussed tips on writing and gathered inspiration. An evening I can never forget in my life.

Coming back to the literature event and book launches. The video below describes how the sessions were done and so much knowledge one can gain in this exciting event.

Plan your trip to Jaipur in January to attend this amazing event which always leaves you inspired. Leave comment below to share how you felt about this virtual tour of an excisitng literary event !

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Jaipur Literature Festival 2018, an Exciting Literary Event

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