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Plan a trip to the USA !!

USA United States of Ameria! A must visit travel destination .


Plan a trip to the USA !!

USA is most definitely a must-visit travel destination.

The U.S.A. is the world’s largest economy and you would know something about the superpower even without traveling here. Global icons like the White House, The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State, the Hollywood sign, Golden Gate, Las Vegas neon are household names along with American brands like Apple, Coca-Cola, and Levis making America a perfect tourist destination.

Within the nation, you have the scope to explore the vast desert landscapes of the Southwest, the tropical beaches of Florida, the quaint villages of New England, the vast rolling greens of Texas and Kansas or the spectacular Rockies and Cascades. If that is not enough America is every traveler’s delight with mesmerizing Grand Canyon, giant redwoods of California, hiking on the Black Hills, cruising through the Great lakes, paddling softly on the huge Mississippi or getting lost in the wilds of Alaska. You could plan a trip to America if you are the kinds who love the out of box destinations like the remote prairies, the eerie and weird ghost towns, lost byways or the out-and-beyond hamlets, all extremely American in their own manner.

The prominent city Los Angeles’ Hollywood is world famous for filmmaking. The significant Coastal Cities on the Atlantic Ocean are Washington DC the capital of the U.S.A., New York known for being a cultural and financial center and Chicago in the center known for its incredible architecture and Chicago-style hot dogs and pizza.

The diversity of its people can be seen by the diverse icons such as Mohammad Ali, Louis Armstrong, Madonna, Abraham Lincoln, Elvis Presley, Walt Disney who have entertained and inspired people globally. Ones travel is incomplete without tuning into the rock ‘n’ roll, country and western, jazz, blues and hip-hop all originating in America.

The US dollar is the most actively traded currency, therefore, tops in the forex market worldwide. US Dollars have retained to be the dominant reserve currency globally making travel to the USA both flexible and feasible.

The USA is the oldest democracy with its roots dating back to 1500s. It is a travelers delight with its throbbing newness and sense of optimism to grow and succeed.

I have visited the west coast recently and realized that I was missing an important travel destination all this while.

The Golden Gate Bridge! taking a perfect shot of the beautiful bridge is every photographer’s dream. Book your flight to San Francisco now!


We started from San Francisco and moved upwards exploring the destinations till Seattle, in the North West of USA. Of course, we visited Vegas too! Each destination we covered is worth sharing and will be publishing blogs on the same soon.

The USA should most definitely be on your travel list and yes you can not cover it all at once.

Divide the destination as per your choice and weather and cover it in multiple visits.

Each visit will be totally worth it!

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