Social Media Good or Bad?

Social Media Good or Bad?

Is social media good or bad?? This question has been discussed by all of us at various times in each household. This blog talks about how social media is changing our lifestyles and should we really criticize it all the time.

We all know about the fourth Industrial Revolution i.e. the “Digitalization” and that it’s taking over everything. Yes that’s a fact that cannot be denied and that is the main answer too.

With innovations , follows criticism and in case of social media it’s the same theory. No matter how much we use the benefits of social media , we can end up being negative about it , but let us face a fact that the benefits it brings are far more valuable than the issues we talk about.

We all know it all started with the Internet and emails , then came Facebook Orkut LinkedIn What’s app and so on. We are more connected and updated now than ever before , but people say the real interactions are decreasing and virtual interactions are increasing ! Well , is social media to be blamed for real interactions being decreased or is it our busy lifestyle that is the main reason ? Let’s cater to the real problem lifestyle and not the channel we are talking about . Social media is only acting as a tool to let you connect more in your not so good busier lifestyles. Blaming it , the other way round is somewhere not fair.

Fact Check : Interestingly, time and again we need to go off social media by declaring on social media that we are not on social media , this itself gives the answer.

In your childhood the bad things and things which you should not do were pointed by your parents your mom and dad but now , people in our social circle declare for you what’s good or bad. Let’s see if our parents approve of this so called evil of social media.

My mom eventually is a big fan of social media and it helps her more than anything else to connect with her old friends and relatives. Once she has a Facebook account she connects with her friends and shares the old songs and trends. As long as it brings a smile on your mom’s face it is all worth it. Isn’t it?

Try going live on Facebook or what’s app with your family when you are in a far flung destination on a travel or vacation. Your parents want to join you there more than anyone else and when you connect with them live it’s like they are with you and this I believe confirms how good social media is.

Actually, it all depends on how we use the medium and it is us to blame not the medium. Try connecting with the best of the technology and you will appreciate the benefits. It is in our lifestyle that do we want to blame a medium for something or appreciate the medium and accept the real problem .

Life’s getting busier day by day and we really do not get time to connect with friends and family like it used to be in past in joint family. Yes we blame that our children are all the time on phones . We hear stories how earlier in our childhood we used to go outside in park play energetic outdoor games. Think about the fact that, do you have that company for your kids and that pollution free environment like it was in those years? If not then let’s not blame the kids and social media but change our lifestyles .

The fact is that times are changing and it is up to us how well we change and make the changes to our benefits , by moving it in positive directions. Let us move with the world and let the ‘‘window to the world” be used for our benefits.

Let us once again try to be better humans and appreciate more than criticize and we will see the benefits ourselves and move towards a better living and lifestyle . Till then share this post more on your social media because appreciation is better than criticism!

Final Verdict : Social Media is good but one must TRAVEL

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