Beautiful Karnataka

Beautiful Karnataka



Karnataka was one of the first South India states I have visited in my childhood and its memories will forever remain special to me. My parents planned a trip covering all the important parts of this state and my favorite being Mysore.

I can still remember the amazing and royal palaces there with gold thrones and ornaments. My eyes were in shock as I saw so much of royalty at once despite being from the state of Rajasthan. Recently I visited Bangalore and planned few road trips from there to explore this belt further. As I thought this place has so much to offer for a traveler so I am already planning my next Karnataka Trip.

State introduction – Karnataka

Karnataka is a southwestern Indian state with parts of it on the Arabian Sea. Bengaluru (Bangalore) is the capital of the state world famous for its vibrant nightlife and shopping.

Karnataka is the fourth most popular tourist destination due to its history and beautiful landscape. It has an abundance of the eye-catching hill station and mountain ranges, beaches, forests, waterfalls, wildlife, temples, buzzing cities and waterfalls. The Western Ghats have preferred destination for the backpackers and falls in Malenadu region which offers spectacular hilly views. You have to plan a road trip there to see this side of India. It is truly BEAUTIFUL. The Karavali or Kanara is the coastal region linked to the Arabian Sea. Deccan plateau region has another landscape to offer in Bayaluseeme which is largely a plain region.

Mysore is one of the most beautiful location with rich architectural temples also called the City of Palaces. The historical princely state Mysore Palace is an official residence and seat of the rulers (royal family) of Mysore (1399-1950) also a seat to the Wodeyars. Mysore is also called the City of Palaces as it has seven magnificent palaces in total.

National Parks Amongst the 25 wildlife sanctuaries and 5 national parks the most popular ones are Bannerghatta National park, Nagarhole National Park, and Bandipur National Park.

Kudremukh waterfall in Chikmagalur in Karnataka state is considered to be one of the “1001 natural wonders of the World.”

Monuments Included in the list of the UNESCO’s World heritage sites are the monuments of Pattadakal and the ruins of Vijayanagara Empire. Situated in Belur and Halebidu are Hoysala temples built in soapstone are proposed UNESCO World Heritage sites.  Don’t miss to visit Hampi another UNESCO world heritage site.

Vijaypur / Bijapur – This place offers one of the best architecture locations. Examples of the Deccan Sultanate can be found in the architectural style of Gol Gumbaz and Ibrahim Rauza. One can keep taking pictures of these monuments and keep revisiting. Such a refreshing place for history and architecture lovers.

Amazing temples – The Mallikarjuna temple and Kashi Vishwanatha temple at Pattadakal is an experience one cannot forget. Both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The monolith of Jain Lord Bahubali at Shravanbelgola is known for being the tallest sculpted monolith in the world that attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists. If possible do plan your trip during the spectacular Mahamastakabhisheka festival once every twelve years.

Coorg / Kodagu is a rural district of south-west Karnataka and is known for its breathtaking beauty. it has become a famous tourist destination and much recommended.Madikeri Fort, Abbi falls, Rajas Tomb are other places often visited by backpackers. Hindu pilgrim also plans a trip to Omnkareshwar temples here. The Namdroling Monastery is a Buddhist monastery found near Coorg. One can participate in white water rafting at Barapole river here.Trekking is also a preferred option here for travelers.

The good news is that there is Golden Chariot train too which connects all the major tourist spots in Karnataka with Goa .

Karanataka is well connected by modes of transport like rail, air, road and buses and a tourist friendly state. This state has a charm to it and keeps calling back the visitors to experience the same.

10 thoughts on “Beautiful Karnataka

  1. Aditi

    Yayy.. I’m from Bangalore, which is why Karnataka is really dear to me. it offers a wide choice of things to do, including some of the best treks, coffee plantations and of course, great weather. Cheers!! 🙂

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Nice to know you are from Bangalore, so do you like the falls or treks or palaces more? I want to revisit this state again to explore more.

  2. lexieanimetravel

    When I have read rich architectural temples, I was like okay this one again. Wow the city of Palaces with 7 palaces found here? that’s insane! Why it isn’t popular here in EU never heard of it, this one should be the highlight place of India Karnataka has a lot to offer. those 25 wildlife sanctuaries and 5 national parks they must be on the front page of the magazine. 🙂

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      I agree Karnataka is such a rich destination in terms of architecture. The palaces are just so beautifully built and if that wasn’t enough one can explore so much more with waterfalls and national parks. Very interesting state to plan a trip.

  3. Helene

    I’ve heard a lot about Bangalore because some of my friends are from there:) But I never knew about the state! Sounds amazing! India just has so much to offer, I think I could travel there for a whole lifetime and still not have seen everything:)

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Hi Helene! You are so correct even for so many years I have not seen India yet and feel that whole life might be short too lol. Can relate to this feeling. Thank you for following my post. Hope you pick the best and plan a trip that’s what I do too lol 😀

  4. Tyra

    Like Helene, I’ve only heard about Bangalore, I didn’t know the state. Based off what I was reading, there are so many things to do there. It seems like it’s is perfect for trekking and hiking. Are there waterfalls, and how big are they?

    • Travel Quartz Post author

      Hi Tyra !! Glad I am brushing up all on the states of India with the only motive to make everyone’s next India trip more valuable and they can remember me lol.Karnataka is actually so pretty and green even I need to explore it more. Like a real traveler, you picked up the best this state offer to explore. yes, it has many waterfalls. More than 30 are famous ones. Jog Fall is more than 250 m and one of the highest plunge waterfall !!

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