Umaid Bhawan Palace a Royal Destination


Umaid Bhawan Palace



There are always few places which we can never forget. Welcome to India’s one of the most well known and luxurious palace from Jodhpur called as ” Umaid Bhawan Palace “.

Rajasthan ( A Beautiful state in India )  is known for its royalty. Jaipur Jaisalmer Jodhpur etc are the cities one can visit here.

As shared in my previous blog on Jodhpur there are many royal stay options one can have. One of the uber-luxurious options is Umaid Bhawan Palace Hotel. It boasts of one of the world largest private residence and the best hotel together.

Located on the hilltop it overlooks the Jodhpur city like a diamond in a ring. If you go to any major point in Jodhpur city and look around you can actually see this beautiful palace shining Its grace and magnificence is no less than a sparkling diamond.

Check out this beautiful palace shining . Its grace and magnificence is no less than a sparkling diamond.

Being one of the most Royal Palace its one part is catering as a hotel while another part is converted into a museum and yet another part is a private residence where the royal families of Jodhpur live. Luxury n Lifestyle is important too. Umaid Palace is most definitely one of the most luxurious Hotels I’ve ever seen. There are limited rooms and suites here.

It is one of the largest private residences of any royal family in India. It’s now managed by Taj Hotels which are one of the best hotel chains in India.  One thing I cannot forget visiting Umaid Palace is the grand welcome the guest get the moment they check into this hotel If you have a suite booked in the palace they will make sure that you feel very Royale

Palace is named after Maharaja Umaid Singh who is the grandfather of Maharaja Gaj Singh who is the current owner of this place . Umaid Palace is no less than a modern wonder. It reminds me of my visit to Taj Mahal. It is made up of Red Stone, Makrana Marble and also has the Burmese Teak wood in the interior.

View of Jodhpur City from the Palace

Visiting the museum was like getting into the time machine . Overall, it was very well maintained the property. Museum tour shares with the visitors’ various artefacts from the ancient time . It is also covered by various paintings of that era which reminds you of how Royale the history has been.

Visiting Umaid Palace has a definitely recommended option while going to Jodhpur because this kind of magnificent structure is not to be seen anywhere so easily. More on this is left for your visit but still, check out the fascinating pictures of this grand marvel .

The Royal residence is also a part of this palace .
Entrance to the luxurious Taj Hotel
Step back into the royal history !
Plan your next stay here!


So if you love LUXURY, then plan your stay at one of the most preferred luxurious hotel in India or else pay a visit like a tourist and enjoy the beautiful museum here.

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