Delhi It Is ….Plan a quick trip to Delhi

Plan a quick trip to Delhi India
Delhi has a lot to offer. Lighting on 15th August, India’s Independence day! Visit the area near President’s house.




Delhi is the capital of India. But, more than that it is an epitome of so many things. Forever bustling and moving this city is fast and serene at the same time. At first, this city will overwhelm you but if you allow to let it all sink in, you will realize that there’s a lot that this city has to offer. The city charm can leave you wanting to visit here again and again.

Being the capital city this is the base of the government of India, home to top politicians and various corporate offices.

Delhi is the starting point of many exotic tourist destinations so some or other time the travelers visit this city. It is famous saying in Delhi as “Dilli Dil Walon Ki” …. “Heart” in Hindi is pronounced as “Dil”, so this phrase means “Delhi is for people with big hearts! ”, a reason to explore this city.

Since it’s a huge city, it can be covered by visiting it up in parts. One can visit North Delhi, South Delhi, East Delhi, West Delhi, Central Delhi and Old Delhi since all of them are unique in their own style.


For me, Delhi is very important because I lived for years in this city and I have explored it as much as possible. In this city, exploring never ends. I started My Journey to explore the City by dividing into various parts and later again by visiting the historical monuments and destination. Delhi culturally is also very unique because most of the residents move to this city from various parts of India.

Delhi has three World Heritage Sites, more than hundred National Protected monuments and countless unprotected other monuments. Discussion on Delhi is incomplete unless we mention the traffic n overcrowding. Since this is the capital city it comes with few costs like the traffic lines. People have accepted it as a daily routine and there’s a beauty to this too.

15th August is India’s Independence Day.  On this day most of the famous monuments get lit up and it is a sight not to be missed. I feel lucky to be living in India, a country so rich and diverse in culture, history, traditions, and geography. As an explorer, you can keep finding something new every time you travel around India. I have myself not seen it all, though I travel to various parts as a tourist and only gets connected more with each new trip.

Delhi is attached to various other states of India and the bordering region combined with it is called as the “National Capital Region” (NCR). On one side, NCR is bordering the state of UP and that part is called ‘Noida’ in UP State, another side bordering Haryana is called as ‘Gurgaon’ in Haryana State. So, while visiting Delhi you might often be visiting these regions too. Geographically the distances are vast to cover.


Delhi is a metropolitan city now in India but it is actually a very historical destination. It took a while for me to realize this only when I got lost into so many usual monuments and then I could put entire pieces together and see the bigger picture and actually get amazed on what all this city can offer.

Plan a quick trip to Delhi India
One can explore many historical sites in Delhi

History in Delhi is unparalleled and the historical monuments are a must to explore. Delhi is one of the oldest existing city in the world and hence the historical monuments here are a delight for any traveler. It is interesting to note that Delhi was not always the capital of India, rather it was connected to the then capital “Agra” which is another famous destination.

Delhi’s history starts from tenth century Chauhan Dynasty followed by the ‘Mughal Dynasty. From Muhammad Ghori’s Mehrauli to Siri Dynasty of Qutubuddin Aibak to Tughlaq Dynasty to his son Firoz to Shahjahan’ the history is immense. There are various monuments dating back to the respective rulers and dynasties. It is a good idea to get a bit of historical detail before visiting the respective monuments.

The ‘New Delhi’ you see today was physically founded by the British rulers of the British Raj era the Lutyens Delhi which is area primarily inspired by British Architecture.

Plan a quick trip to Delhi India
Attend various events in Delhi, this one is vintage car rally!



If one plans to visit India, they usually arrive in Delhi but immediately move to other exotic travel destinations. It is a good idea to keep a few days to explore Delhi. Initially, the traffic and busy atmosphere might overwhelm the visitors but there are many unique places to visit here.

Below are few important destinations to choose from  

Red Fort

Qutub Minar Complex

Humayun’s Tomb

Isa Khan Tomb

India Gate

Jantar Mantar

Rajpath, President’s house, Raj Ghat

Lodhi garden

Tughlakabad Fort

If history is not enough there are many famous religious destinations too and few are

Bahai Lotus temple

Akshardham Temple

Jama Masjid

Iskcon temple

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya Dargah

Further one can visit the Political Monuments – Presidents House, Parliament, North Block South Block and Lutyen’s Delhi.

Plan a quick trip to Delhi India



If you visit Delhi you might not want to miss below options

Shopping – Most of the people visit Delhi because they are in love with the famous shopping markets here. Though new shopping malls offer various brand options the local handicrafts can be found at markets called as Delhi Hatt or Hauz Khas Village or Janpath which usually follows by an evening walk in Connaught Place.

Events- India Habitat Centre and other auditoriums organize daily shows on the drama or theatres. One can check the events online and book the tickets.

Visiting Old Delhi – Many tourists visit old Delhi the Chandani Chowk area to see the hustle and bustle and the “crowd”. Yes! This is a super busy market filled with many people crowding the place to an unseen level, so much so that tourists visit here only to feel the crowd around! One can further try street food or street shopping here.

Trying Delhi Street Food – Delhi is also food capital because all kind of foods are available here and one can keep exploring them. It’s famous for yummy street foods from all around India. Must try the “Chola Bhatura, Samosa, Chaat and Paan” as food options.

Restaurants and Clubs – Delhi has one of the best restaurants to try various cuisines. it also has many options for nightlife clubs and live music.


Plan a quick trip to Delhi India
Hauz Khas Village, another area to visit in Delhi crossing its typical flyovers and bridges amidst the traffic.



There are many options to explore Delhi with efficient Metro lines, bus system, hop on hop off buses, Auto, and cabs. Since the place can be crowded, traffic lines are a norm in Delhi. Don’t get bogged down with honking and traffic congestion in the city, its part of life here but soon it leads you to some great destinations.

“Checkout our outube video of rainbow in Delhi a rare sight “



People revisit the city for shopping, watching the theatres and covering more monuments because there are hundreds of monument in this city and many are still not famous or visited.

Delhi has a charm to it and if you will go with an open mind you will feel that unique charm!

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Plan a quick trip to Delhi India

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