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My visit to Jodhpur The Blue City , Incredible India

My visit to Jodhpur – The Blue City


Jodhpur is one of the very famous destinations in India for Travellers. It is in the Northwest Indian state of Rajasthan. Recently we visited Jodhpur City in Rajasthan. Jodhpur is known for its cultural heritage Royalness.

Tourists visit this city for witnessing the mighty ‘Mehrangarh’ fort overlooking this beautiful Blue City.

If you have read my blog-post earlier on ‘monsoon travel and the benefits of it, you will know why I decided to visit this city during the rainy season.


I went to Jodhpur for the “BLUE CITY CHARM”.

Though my home state is Rajasthan, I never visited Jodhpur before. Yes! We usually forget to explore the places near us and go to far away destinations instead. It was only recently after visiting so many countries I realized that it’s not justified that I have not explored Rajasthan completely. I planned my trip to Jaisalmer another beautiful city and then this time I visited Jodhpur.

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I have seen many documentaries and pictures of the view of the beautiful blue city landscape and couldn’t wait to see it for real on this trip.

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Before planning this trip, I used to wonder if the blue city really as beautiful as it is shown? I decided that I will visit the old houses for sure and see how blue are they. I heard that the city is best seen from the top of the fort. The blue color is due to Indigo paint done on houses below mainly because it is not so expensive and this color cooled the houses during the hot summer months. Jodhpur is in Rajasthan state of India which is known for high temperatures during summers.

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I visited the fort on day one and straight away reached the top of the fort to see the blue city spectacle. This part of the fort is called as the ‘Hill View of Mehrangarh‘. Just the way I imagined, I saw amazing those amazing blue houses skyline.

Though now a lot of houses are painted in different modern colors and the Blue City is not that blue, but there is still a part of it which is blue and hence it is still worth going for that view.



The Royal rulers of Rajasthan are called as the ‘Rajputs‘ and their descendants still live a royal life in Rajasthan. You can see a lot of Rajput connections in this city. There are many royal families who live in this city and each one has their own standing in the society. The richness of culture and their lifestyle combine together to make this city a ‘heritage’ city.

Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji was the former ruler of Jodhpur until the royal powers got abolished by the constitution of India. Till today his respect is immense in the city and one can feel a part of royalness visiting his private residence which is also turned into a museum. There are a lot of Thakur and Rajput families too which have their ‘havelis‘ or accommodations where tourists can stay and get a feel of this royalness.

This is Pal Haveli ( Royal stay isnt it )


Jodhpur is known for royal heritage. The right way to visit Jodhpur is to stay in one of those royal palaces or havelis. When I visited and stayed in these royal places I felt like stepping into a time machine, embracing the royalness that this place boasts of! The architecture of the ‘havelis‘ will make you feel like King and Queen.

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One thing I have noticed is that red colored stone has been used to build many monuments and building in this city and that made me wonder if not blue city this city can easily pass for the name of Red City too. The main market called the Sardar market is actually built up of red stones.


In this visit, I have attended so many different forms of music both folk and classical. You can hear live Rajasthani folk music and also connect with the locals who are very sweet and friendly.  Jodhpur is actually the Real Rajasthan and most authentic music can be heard here.


Jodhpur is also known for a lot of markets which are from the medieval times. They are called as the ‘bazaars’. Old city architecture gives you the feel of ancient times. The bazaars have everything from bangles to food items and famous spices. With times, the city is getting developed but the ancient charm is still there.  It is recommended to visit the old part of the city which is still well maintained.

This place is called as Sardar market and is the busiest place in Jodhpur. Named after Maharaja Sardar Singh who built this place and famous clock tower or ‘ghantaghar’



There are various Havelis ( abodes of royal families )  to visit. We visited very famous Haveli called as  ‘Pal Haveli’ to witness unforgettable views over lunch. This haveli is a good option to stay and enjoy the city views and fort views together form the rooftop.


The food I must say is one of the best food I have ever tried in India.

If you are a vegetarian, must-try items are Mirchibada (Mirchibado), Gatte ki sabzi, Missi Roti and Papad like nowhere else. More on this in a new post soon.

If you like non-vegetarian food you must try ‘Laal Maas‘ which is a typical kind of Rajasthani goat curry with a lot of chilies put in it. Yes ! Food is spicy !!


Our website aims to recommend you destinations which are not to be missed and we name them as travelquartz destination. In this visit, we recommend destinations below


The visit is not complete unless you visit this amazing fort. Mehrangarh Fort is like a citadel on top of a rock and it overlooks the beautiful city. One of the best parts about fort is that it has an elevator now. Yes, only ‘fort’ so far in Rajasthan with the elevator!

Last year when I visit in Switzerland I was amazed that I could go on top of the mountain in few hours by very comfortable train journey and I wondered why India should not have such comfort in these places. So finally here I am very happy finally we have a fort which has an elevator in it. In my hectic trip traveling with my family, this elevator was a big comfort to my old parents. Remember to take the two-way ticket if you don’t want to walk down.

Fort has various live music sessions happening as you walk and explore it. There are various intricately carved sections.

There are also few temples inside the fort. Including a small temple of Goddess Durga which I cannot forget, now cultural events happen there. One can imagine how awesome it must be in those times and it’s always good to get the blessing if you come across an ancient temple.

Mehrangarh Fort from inside is as beautiful as one can imagine!




A palace hotel and museum-like nowhere else. This is the main landmark in Jodhpur.No matter where you are, this place can be seen as a diamond in the city.This is also the residence of the royal family and part of it is converted into a museum. A part of it is also available as ultra-luxurious hotel managed by the Taj Group.

Read More at the Blog – Umaid Bhawan a Royal Destination 

Umaid Bhawan Palace – Highly recommended visiting in Jodhpur!



I wanted to see a lot but some things are to be kept for future to ensure a revisit.

I plan to see the Rajasthan international folk festival RIFF which is organized to preserve the folk music and art from this place. In this festival, people get to stay near to Mehrangarh Fort and watch various folk dance and live music performance. So I am visiting here again to attend this festival.

Jodhpur is one of the second largest cities in Rajasthan. Jodhpur comes in the region which is called as the ‘Marwar’. Jodhpur is also known as Sun City because of an amazing sunny weather found in the city. But, I like another name of the city which is called as the Blue City. So, this time plan you visit Jodhpur and remember us during your visit.

Chek the map below we reached Jodhpur from Delhi air and rail travel is preferred


My visit to Jodhpur – The Blue City



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