Qutub Minar Complex – UNESCO World Heritage site

Qutub Minar Complex – UNESCO World Heritage site


Qutub Minar Complex – UNESCO World Heritage site 

Delhi, the capital of India, offers amazing historical sites to explore.

Delhi has three World Heritage Sites, more than hundreds National Protected Monuments and countless unprotected other monuments.

‘Qutub Minar’ is one such monument in the capital city of Delhi. It is named after the great Sufi saint the  ‘Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar‘ and built during the Mughal dynasty. This is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

As you enter the Qutub Minar you actually step into the historical era where all the ruins have history attached to it. The minaret has an amazing architecture with various staircases and carvings. Entrance inside the minaret is restricted these days but still, the area surrounding the same is absolutely worth visit.

The minaret moves from a higher diameter to a lesser diameter on the top. The artistic work of architecture is a must to notice while visiting this place. Notice the calligraphy and carvings on the minaret.  Zoom in to see the decorative motifs on upper levels.

Notice the calligraphy and carvings on the minaret.

This minaret is inspired from a minaret in Afghanistan. Made from Redstone and white marble which gives it a very beautiful look from the outside.

It is interesting to note that various airplanes fly on top of the minaret giving you a comparison of the bygone era in the current modern world. As a photographer taking a picture of the minaret with an airplane is absolutely a good idea.

various airplanes fly on top of the minaret

This picture reminds us of coexistence of old vs new when a plane passes near this minaret. Don’t miss the Calligraphic carvings on the QUTAB MINAR and so much this city has to offer.

There is also a garden where people can relax and enjoy the breeze next to the ancient monument.


There are options to explore further in the same complex. The confluence of history and religion is seen and that makes it interesting to visit.

Beyond the Minaret there’s a lot to see as well.

There is another important site to be seen that is the Iron Pillar or the Ashok Pillar in the same compound. The pillar is very famous because it is also having a historical description dating back much beyond the Mughal Era with various legends and theories attached to it. The pillar is a Marvel in itself because despite being made from Iron, this pillar has not rusted over time. This only reflects the kind of technology being used in ancient times.

The monuments and the remains in the Qutub Institutional area not only reflects the Mughal dynasty but also the previous Rajput rulers from the Chauhan dynasty.

The entire area has a lot to explore.

Qutab area is kept very well as a Heritage site and is also linked to various other sites in the Delhi city which is called as ‘Mehrauli village archaeological site’ which can be explored further.

Must visit Surrounding Areas are as follows –

Alai Darwaza

Mosque of Quwwat Ul Islam

Tomb of Iltumish

Hindu Temple Pillars

Alai Mandir

Madarsa of Alauddin Khilji

I suggest visiting in the morning hours to avoid the crowd and see the best of the place and weather will be supporting as well.

I have a confession to make that, though I have lived in Delhi for many many years, I never bothered to visit this destination until now. After traveling around the world I realized the importance of historical monuments and started to explore it from the city I live in. I can not believe that all these years I did not visit the historical places in Delhi, even when they are truly awesome. Maximum people living in Delhi do not visit these places too. I guess, we never explore the city we live in so much.

There are many tourists who visit Delhi because it is the capital city of India. Also, it links to various prime tourist destinations which are nearby including the Taj Mahal or Pink City Jaipur.Delhi in itself has a lot to offer and many tourists explore it.

I only hope that local residents too, explore this city as much.

So next time don’t get lost in the shopping malls of Delhi, but spend the day exploring the historical monuments! 

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