Fusion Thali at Gwalior

Fusion Thali at Gwalior


Guest post by @foodtrawler

Recently I visited Gwalior. I was exploring more on the architectural side but my husband who is majorly a foodie was busy exploring the cuisines.

Interestingly he discovered some authentic dishes and felt blissful.

He has recently started blogging as well under the Instagram name @foodtrawler. Since I was looking for a guest post on food I thought I should start with his post on food review to begin with.His name is Rohit and he can be reached @foodtrawler.


Over to Food Trawler

“I am a big foodie and love to explore cuisines from around the world. This time I decided to do a bit of my research before deciding my lunch destination. Since I visited the fort recently and was brushed up on a bit of history I realized this place had rulers from around India and has links from even Nepal.

I enquired further at the Taj Usha Kiran palace which offers one of the best food options in Gwalior and they insisted for me to try the mega Nonveg “Thali”.

Thali in Indian language means platter which is served with various dishes in bowls usually placed around the main dish in a circular form.

A unique culinary adventure awaits you in the fort city of Gwalior. You are likely to not ever have heard about it since very few places have these dishes on the menu. At first here’s a Royal Dining Experience.

The blend of Nepalese & Maharashtrian cuisines gave rise to this style of cooking where neither sides got prominence. Apparently, one of the Maratha Kings got married to a Queen from the Nepal which resulted in the amalgamation of cultures and food habits. As suggested by the chef, I settled in for the Non-Veg Thali which can’t be finished by a lonely soul.

So before I introduce you to the main thali let me get around all the dishes this meal had.

In this picture we have Chaas, a yogurt-based drink; TomatoChe Saar, tomato & lentil soup tempered with curry leaves & cardamom seeds – from the House of Marathas; Palungo ka Kebabs, spinach tempered with cardamom seeds & cinnamon; Swari, deep-fried bread made of refined flour and a specialty of Nepal;

Dessert – Puran Poli & Shrikhand, a sweet flatbread which is served with sweetened hung curd flavored with saffron & pistachios – a type of  Maharashtrian dish.

The best of both worlds, I would say!!!

Now coming to the real deal the Grand Non-Veg Thali !!

The stunning close-up of Non-Veg Thali.

From the bottom in a clockwise direction, we have salad; Bharli Vangi, baby eggplants stuffed with a delicious, tangy spice mix; Chara Ko Tandruk, chicken in traditional home-made mild sauce with a combo of ginger, garlic, tomato & other spices; Lamb Barbat, spicy Maratha style mutton; Dal Amti, medium spicy dal with sweet & sour flavour; Pulungo Ko Saag, spinach cooked in garam masala; Tarkari Kala Masala, mixed vegetables cooked with Kala masala – a blend of 18 spices and some papad. A small portion of Nepalese Fried rice – Bhuteko Bhat – is also served. Indeed, an out of this world experience!!!

That’s it for today until I discover yet another Thali in India.Thanks all for joining in .”

So, that was some meal shared by the food –trawler. Follow him on Instagram (@foodtrawler) as he will share more on various new cuisines.



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