Importance of Spirituality – Why You should be Spiritual in this life ?

Spirituality to me is an important essence towards a good lifestyle. It balances your thought and gives you clarity at different stages of life. In this blog, we will discuss importance of Spirituality

The first question is what is spirituality?

Spirituality is defined as the value by which humans live. It’s the sense of connecting beyond the self.

Next question is what is the religion?

Religion is the understanding about the presence of God and following the defined process to worship them.

What is the difference between spirituality and religion?

Spirituality is something which affects us all in a similar manner and helps us connect. The connection is to self or others or nature or anything else. However, Religion has the rule-bound process. It asks for worshipping a deity and there is a process to do the same. It has a “rule book” and it defines true with false.

Now comes the question, what should we follow for a better lifestyle?

Like I have shared in my previous blogs there is no rule book for lifestyle.Follow what you feel is right because it is an outcome of where your life is right now. Also, no two people can have unique experience and life. What others do might not apply to you.

How do we connect?

We are mentioning here that it’s about connecting but the question is how we connect. People try various methods as below:

  • Visiting religious places church temple mosques etc.
  • Meditating
  • Chanting
  • Reading
  • Worshipping
  • Through Art – yes creativity is also a form of connecting
  • Other things – is by following what makes you peaceful and happy

Again the answer is, there is no rule book it’s each one to their own.

There are people who organize very long worshipping session and sit long hours trying to connect. Some follow strict rule book but some just connect only by clearing the thought process.

A debatable question is if someone who does what makes them happy is better or the one who follows the religious process?

If a person is able to clear the thought process by mere meditation or reading a book then going to far flung places seems secondary. I am still exploring more on this topic , but I understand spirituality and connection is an important part of the lifestyle.

I am not promoting any particular religion.Being spiritual has a bigger meaning.Once I understood the connection I could relate to various such places around the world during my visits.

In last few years I have visited below spiritual places



Udaipur Eklingji

Orchha Raja Ram


Kainchidhaam in Binsar of Maharajji

Shimla Taradevi

Delhi Nizammudin Auliyaji

Ajmer Sharif

Jaipur various Hanuman temple, Ganesh and Krishna Temple prominent being Govind Dev Ji , Moti Dungri Ganesh Ji.

I was truly fascinated by the Shrigaar or the clothing followed in Lord Krishna Temple mainly Govind Dev Ji. The morning get up is different than afternoon evening and night . The clothes are not repeated. The color are decided basis the importance of the day . Everything is so detailed that the night look is almost like we wear the loose pyjamas and no make up look . Very serene and simple .

Radha Krishna temple , India
Radha Krishna Temple, India. Vrindavan has many such temples and it is very religious and spiritual destination.

To explain it further I will mention about my recent trip to Vrindavan

Vrindavan is a small town in UP, India. It’s near Delhi the capital city of India. This place is known for Radha and Krishna worship. This is the birthplace of Lord Krishna and very high ranking spiritual destinations for Hindus in India.

Though I have been to Vrindavan many times but every time I go there I learn something new.

Iskcon temple Vrindawan - group of worshippers chanting Radha Krishna Songs and Bhajans
Iskcon temple Vrindavan – group of worshippers chanting Radha Krishna Songs and Bhajans.

During my childhood when I visited this place, it was visible to me as the city of mind boggling Krishna temples. Everywhere I went I saw different forms of Lord Krishna and heard different stories associated with each place. I kept exploring and reading more about it.

A few years later my next visit was another unique experience. In this visit, I could connect with the powerful Hare Krishna Chants which happens at every place. The Chanting is also another form of meditation where powerful words are recited over and over again to create a positive aura.

In my next trip, I was awed by the architecture and I read more about the history of how those beautiful temples were built.

Great Architecture of Iskcon Temple . vrindwan has many such beautiful temples and the designs have history behind them .
Great Architecture of Iskcon Temple. Vrindavan has many such beautiful temples and the designs have history behind them.


So with each trip, I had a unique experience and unique observation. I had something new to learn every time. This shows that visiting a religious place is not merely about religion but it is about connection. Interestingly connection can be of different forms and I connected with temple, music, architecture, history and many more things on my each trip. I also wonder what all will I learn and connect in my future trip.

My recent trip was more on just going with no agenda and just letting everything sink in.

The visit was interesting because now I am more experienced about visiting this destination and I straight away moved to the  Iskcon temple to attend the evening “Arti” the worshipping ceremony.

As I entered the temple like always a group of worshippers was chanting in a circle and another group was dancing.

Some were mere observing and some were worshipping with closed eyes.

The priests started the prayer Arti at the exact mentioned time.Here, everyone was joyous and not for a cause but for their own peace of mind.They seem to be connected to the better sense and that connection I can define as spirituality.

So, the modes were different as, some danced, some sang, some played instrument, some chanted, some observed, some meditated some worshiped but all were in a spiritual mode.

The method is not important nor are the rules. Spirituality is about connecting with the higher goal and it can be any place any time any method it’s about better lifestyle.

On our way to Vrindawan , the journey in itself is as beautiful as destination .
On our way to Vrindavan, the journey in itself is as beautiful as the destination.

I also would like to share here that the journey is more important than the destination. The time we travel to reach a destination is no less important. As we think about the place where are going and on our way, we already get our spiritual mode on.

If you are avid traveler you must include these destinations on your list because there is a lot to observe. These trips are more than just a relaxing vacation

Last such place I traveled was Rome.When I entered the Sistine Chapel or the Vatican Church St. Peters Basilica, I saw those crepuscular rays and I remembered Vrindavan.  I remembered the chanting and there I had an instant connection with that location!!

The rays at St Peters Basilica ,Rome
The rays at St Peters Basilica ,Rome

With this feeling, I visit often Rishikesh Ajmer Amritsar Rome Pondicherry and many other places, not only for religious purpose but for spirituality and better lifestyle.

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