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Listening to that inner voice!

We all have that internal monologue we call as our innervoice but how important is this talk for our lifestyles?

Lifestyle is defined as the way someone lives. It is also the way a person sees themselves and wants the social circle to perceive them.

Often the lifestyle is the outcome of decisions we make good or bad. These decisions are derived from our thought process and inner voice.

When we talk of voice, we talk about various voices around us. The voice of our family members or friends or peers or competitors or leaders and then there’s this innervoice. These voices give us direction on how to steer ahead in our life. Sometimes we listen to one voice sometimes to other.But, it’s clear that we are listening! So here’s the correlation between the inner voice and lifestyle.

As they say, don’t shush your inner voice its who you really are!

It’s an interesting correlation. So next time you shush your inner voice you are probably letting go an important change you deserve in your lifestyle.

There’s a famous saying — let me listen to me, not to them. Correlating to this quote it is important that in the midst of all these noises we listen to our inner voice first and see what we are understanding from it.

Try this tip.During a busy day take some time off and meditate. Listen to your inner voice and understand your thoughts. Here you will get guidance on who you want to be and what you want to do.

Listening here is not same as meditating. Meditation is further ahead and little complex process. Meditation is more focused and planned approach. But, listening to inner voice is approving to understand self-thoughts.

Taking an example from my travel here from my recent trip to Rome. When we visited Rome we saw so many monuments and we were amazed at the vast options to visit as a tourist.

Rome - Open Museum City of Rome is like open museum. Wherever you go you see unending sights and historical monuments .
Rome – The Open Museum. The city of Rome is like an open museum. Wherever you go you see unending sights and historical monuments.

The city is known to be an open museum and we kept seeing monuments one after the other. My friends suggested me to call it a day but my inner voice suggested otherwise. I had this option to explore further ahead because there can be something worthwhile we might miss seeing. I shared with my group that I feel like exploring ahead and they all agreed.

As we walked ahead on the narrow streets of Rome we saw interesting places. We could do shopping, eat gelato and were almost done for the day. Gelato at Rome! At that time my innervoice was listening to my sweet tooth!

Gelato at Rome! At that time my innervoice was listening to my sweet tooth!

Gelato at Rome !
Gelato at Rome! At that time my innervoice was listening to my sweet tooth!

Suddenly we observed that the streets were leading towards a very famous destination. We realized we were moving towards the Pantheon.

The Pantheon
The Pantheon, Rome

Pantheon is a famous church in Rome. Pantheon word means dedicated temple in honor of all Gods.It is the best preserved Ancient Monument in the world. And I was so lucky to have reached here all by chance.

I have been to Greece but the monuments there are in ruins. As a comparison, this monument was exactly like an ancient Greek monument but in very good shape. No wonder its one of the best destinations to visit in Rome.

Visiting this monument was almost like a time travel.The monument was in perfect shape. The floor was made of marbles from ancient times. The solid concrete Dome with a window was absolutely amazing.This window is called as the eye of Pantheon or Oculus and it was truly something I have never seen before.

This window is called as the eye of Pantheon or Oculus

To sum up in short if we missed visiting Pantheon, we could have missed visiting an important monument of the history. We all were happy that we listened to that inner voice and moved ahead. It could be just a coincidence that we reached here but it gave a sense of self-confidence and reassurance that yes we should have faith in our decisions.

Just like the Oculus our Innervoice keeps directing us all day like an eye towards our lifestyle. It’s not possible to follow it always but its the intuition we get on how to react. Sometimes we should listen to our inner voices and it definitely makes an important part of our lifestyle.

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